Research Clusters

Research Clusters

Faculty interested in developing research groups or clusters can apply to the following UCSC programs:

Arts Research Institute

The ARI Collaborative Research Grants support the incubation of research clusters. These awards are intended to encourage collaboration beyond the confines of particular departments and disciplines, both within the arts and between the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences. The award supports collaborative work whose interdisciplinarity is essential to the project’s conceptualization and that draws upon techniques, methodologies, and media from multiple disciplines for its execution. Application deadlines: November 15, April 15. 

The Humanities Institute

The Humanities Institute’s research clusters are experimental initiatives that can serve as incubators for larger projects in the future. Our institute offers faculty and graduate students seed funding, for up to three years, to explore innovative ideas and collaborations that can grow into self-sustaining programs. In particular, our clusters encourage scholars to engage in interdisciplinary research that breaks down silos and creates dynamic connections across disciplines. Application deadline: May.

Research Center for the Americas

The Research Center for the Americas is pleased to offer small grants to support independent collaborative research clusters in the areas of interest to the RCA including Chicanx, Latinx, and Latin American, migration, cross-border/hemispheric, and human rights studies. In addition to programming (e.g., conferences, workshops, seminars), we encourage applicants to consider if the cluster can organically lead to larger projects in the future (e.g., websites and other digital projects, edited volumes, etc.). Clusters can be comprised of UC Santa Cruz faculty and/or graduate students in any division and we encourage cross-divisional groups. Application deadline: November 1. 

Institute for Social Transformation

The Institute for Social Transformation is pleased to offer this Call for Proposals for UCSC Social Science Division faculty members to “Seed,” “Sprout,” and “Harvest” innovative strands of research, inquiry, and/or application that contribute to efforts to foster more equitable and sustainable social futures. Proposed projects must contribute broadly to the goals of the institute. Application deadline: January 31 (must come from a division of Social Science PI)