University of California Santa Cruz, Arts Division’s, Arts Research Institute Announces Fall 2021 grant and fellowship awardees

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Arts Research Institute Fall 2021 Awardees
Arts Practice and Research – Planning and Implementation
Sharon Daniel, Film and Digital Media, Reasonable Doubt(s). Implementation grant
Jennifer Parker, Art, Intermingling Species, Adapting and Evolving. Implementation grant.
Elliot Anderson, Art, Augmented Reality Documentary: LGBTQ SOMA history. Planning grant.
Elizabeth Stephens, Art, Playing with Fire. Implementation grant.
Gustavo Vazquez, Film and Digital Media, MAMA The Tree Giver of Life. Planning grant.
A.M. Darke, Performance, Play and Design, Center for Black Virtuality. Planning grant.
Jimin Lee, Art, Icelandic printmaking exhibition and residency. Implementation grant.
Mark Nash, Arts Division, The Shadow Never Lies. Planning grant.
Isaac Julien, Arts Division, Lisa Bo Bardi. Planning grant.
Karolina Karlic, Art, Unseen California. Planning grant.
John Jota Leaños, Film and Digital Media, Eureka!. Implementation grant.
Equity and Innovation: Ben Leeds Carson, Music, Opportunity Equity for Young Composers
Office of Research / Arts Research Institute Seed Fund Grants Faculty Research Fellowship: A.M. Darke, Performance, Play and Design, Open Source Afro Hair Library.
Collaborative Research: John Jota Leaños, Film and Digital Media, White History Month.
Individual Research Assistance
Tanya Merchant, Music, Inclusivity and Cultural Sustainability in Contra Dance.
Stacy Kamehiro, History of Art and Visual Culture. Pacific Arts, the journal of the Pacific Arts Association.
Anna Friz, Film and Digital Media, We Build Ruins.