GROW from UCSC’s Online Education, releases new video series that showcases creative and critical studies of art and culture across campus.

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The Arts Division offers both creative and critical studies of art and culture at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The division is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all students to thrive and to celebrate the abundance of diversity in our community. We build our students' capacity for creative and critical thinking. Instruction in the arts inspires and develops the skills needed for individual and collaborative thought, analysis, and action within and beyond the university. Our faculty consists of artists, performers, historians, critics, makers, and theorists working across the arts in a global context, and addressing some of the most pressing issues of our day. Our campus is home to a remarkable group of artists and scholars with research interests ranging from monster studies to climate change, the environment, and sustainability — from games and playable media to questions of racial equity and social justice. Here you can explore our special research initiatives, spaces for public engagement, and faculty-led research centers, and take a deep dive into the work being produced by our faculty and students. Internship and career opportunities are demystified in the Arts Professional Pathways program. Robust support in research funding applications is provided by the Arts Research Institute. Notable programming resides in the Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery and Institute of Arts and Sciences. The Arts Dean’s Fund for Excellence and Equity supports faculty revisions to re-imagine the curriculum, student research that envisions the future of arts in the academy and community, and the centrality of staff in delivering the mission of the university. Arts Professional Pathways: Arts Research Institute: Institute for Arts & Sciences: Arts Dean’s Fund for Excellence and Equity: Music credit: Jonathan Segel, UCSC Music alumnus,