Ontario Alexander - Archives of Sonic Resistance

Join us for a multimedia presentation by Ontario Alexander, the Visualizing Abolition Artist in the Archive graduate fellow. This event will be hosted on the third floor of the UCSC Institute of the Arts and Sciences building (100 Panetta Ave) at 7 p.m.

How does music connect us to our collective past and ground us in the present? Take a journey through the UCSC library archives as we unlock moments in abolition and protest movements. From the 1960s to the 2020s, from Slavery to Civil Rights, from Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter, and most recently the Riverfront Brawl, music expresses a depth of emotions that embeds our memories, honors our past, clarifies the present and illuminates the future.

This is the culminating event of the Visualizing Abolition Artist in the Archive Residency pilot program, which fosters creative research and experiential learning about prisons, policing, and the movement for abolition through archival engagements with UC Santa Cruz University Library Special Collections & Archives. This program is sponsored by the Institute for Arts and Sciences and the University Library at UC Santa Cruz.

Ontario Alexander was part of the Arts Research Institute’s prestigious Graduate Fellows program.