ATLAS DRUGGED, new work by Marianne Weems

UCSC Prof. Marianne Weems and her New York-based company The Builders Association have received support from the ARI Arts and Oppression initiative towards the creation of a new crossmedia one-woman show that explores the philosophy and rhetoric of today’s alt-right movement through the mind of its founding godmother, Ayn Rand. Using AI-generated text in conversation with Rand and her devotees past and present, ATLAS DRUGGED engages and subverts the alt-right algorithm by unpacking the origins of our current political realities. The Builders will develop this work through concept meetings and workshops including a work-in-progress showing June 21st at MITU580 in Brooklyn. The final project will premiere at the Skirball Center in New York City in October 2024, just in time for the election.

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