Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Diversity Equity and Inclusion


The arts are a powerful vehicle for social change. As an institution, we are committed to supporting and promoting arts research, pedagogy, and cultural production that foster social justice and address historic and systemic inequities. We are committed to supporting projects that address the many critical environmental, human, economic, and cultural crises of today, including mass incarceration, racial and gender violence, economic disparity, climate chaos, displacement, gentrification, and more. Through our programs, we aim to change the status quo, inspire honest and rigorous reflection, and ensure a diversity of voices, subjects, and perspectives.


New Equity and Innovation grant program

ARI Equity and Innovation Grants are available to students, faculty, and staff, and are meant to encourage new and sustainable ways to promote equity, inclusion, and diversity within the Arts Division and across campus. We are interested in projects that utilize the arts to address issue(s) related to campus climate, equity, racial justice, sense of belonging and/or inclusion within a program, department, population, or across the division or campus. We are especially interested in proposals that are generated by and include the perspectives of students, faculty and staff impacted by historic and systemic inequities. Award amounts will range from $500-$5,000 depending on the scope and potential impact of the project.

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ARI Graduate Student Fellows: Professional Development Program

The Arts Research Institute has partnered with, the firm that developed the professional development curriculum for Creative Capital, to create a professional development program for a small cohort of underrepresented graduate students at UCSC. Nominated by their departments, the ARI Graduate Student Fellows participate in a year-long curriculum focused on the tools and strategies needed to form a strong artistic career and practice. The Graduate Fellows meet monthly, and in individual mentoring session with four esteemed professional artists (Dread Scott, Beverly McIver, Daniel Alexander Jones, and Ela Troyano) whose work spans the disciplines. They also meet monthly with a group of four UCSC faculty mentors and ARI staff (Gerald Casel, Nicol Hammond, Karlton Hester, John Jota Leaños, and Holly Unruh) to discuss UC- or campus-specific issues they face as they progress in their academic and creative careers.

2021-22 cohort:

Darren Wallace, Film and Digital Media

Erick Msumanje, Film and Digital Media

Janet Chen, Social Documentation

Laura Boutros, Digital Arts and New Media

Ontario Alexander, Music

Maria Mayo, Social Documentation

Savanna Solian, Music

Isola Tong, Environmental Art and Social Practice

Angela Fan, Digital Arts and New Media

Lowen Hatano, Environmental Art and Social Practice

Marquice Perrera, Theater Arts, Department of Performance, Play and Design

Xander Young, Department of Performance, Play and Design