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The OpenLab Collaborative Research Center is dedicated to pursuing, promoting, and serving interdisciplinary innovation in the arts, sciences and technology. Our projects shift the focus from industrial machines, computers, and robots, to people and ecosystems.

Climate Action Lab

Engaging the Public in Art + Climate Resilience

PI Jennifer Parker, Professor Art, Director OpenLab Collaborative Research Center
Co-PI Jonathan Hicken, Seymour Marine Discovery Center with Associate Directors of Community Engagement Daris Jasper and Jordan Boudreau

An interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to researching and creating place-based responses to the impacts of climate change working with UCSC faculty, students, and staff to prototype innovative set of art & science exhibitions, events, and community-engaged experiences to advance the priorities of California’s Climate Adaptation Strategies, especially its priority to Strengthen Protections for Climate Vulnerable Communities by 1) Engaging with & building capacity in climate-vulnerable communities and 2) Improving understanding of climate impacts on California’s communities. Furthermore, the Climate Action Lab will advance UC Santa Cruz’s ambition to become a world leader in coastal climate science as a public expression of–an impact accelerator for–UCSC’s new Center for Coastal Climate Resilience. This collaboration was seeded by a grant from the Center for Coastal Climate Resilience (CCCR) with additional funding for graduate student support by ARI.

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