Arts Division Support for Editors of Scholarly Journals

Arts Division Support for Editors of Scholarly Journals


Arts Division Support for Editors of Scholarly Journals rev. 12/21


The Arts Division includes within its research mission activities that span the divide between service and faculty scholarship, that foster and advance important and significant research within a wide range of academic disciplines and interdisciplinary fields. Editors of scholarly journals that contribute to this mission may request support from the Arts Research Institute. 

Such support can include one (but typically not both) of the following:

  • instructional funds to provide a faculty member with a course release for work as an editor; typically not to exceed five years and/or the term of appointment of the editor
  • graduate student editorial support, typically at the level of 0.25 FTE

ARI will provide support if the editorship meets the following criteria:


  • The journal does not have other funding (extramural, etc.) available to cover a faculty course release;
  • The journal is judged to be of significant prestige / importance to the field, e.g. is the flagship journal of a disciplinary association, has broad dissemination (including open-access), focuses on fields that have been underrepresented in academia, aligns with UCSC / Arts Division scholarship (with the potential for including graduate students), or other similar criteria; and
  • The work of the editorship is equivalent to teaching a course as judged by the volume of submissions, the nature of the peer review and revision process, and similar considerations.


Funds will come from the Division; requests will be submitted to and reviewed by ARI.

A complete request will include four items:

  1. A letter of application (not to exceed 500 words). The letter of application should indicate with evidence the stature of the journal within its fields and explain how support for the journal fulfills the research mission of the University. Information about the editorial board and the referees of submitted articles should be included in the letter. If a course release is requested for the faculty member to serve as editor, the role and responsibilities of the editor must be specified.
  2. A summary of basic information about the journal (not to exceed 500 words).  
  3. A brief letter (email) of endorsement from the department chair indicating approval of release from teaching for the specified quarter.
  4. It is expected that the unit will provide the space and/or equipment needed for the journal to operate.